• welcome to customers from Nepal are visit our company  
  • 10MM Thickness Carbon Fiber Rebar Delivery
    10MM Thickness Carbon Fiber Rebar Delivery  
  • Fabrizio from Italy
    Fabrizio from Italy   Today, Two friendly Italian guests came to visit our factory. We discussed the geogrid products and reached a cooperation intention. Look forward to more cooperation between us.
  • Our Geocell Product
    Our Geocell Product   We could produce geocells with height from 50mm to 300mm and with welding space from 260mm to 1000mm, all of our geocells are made of 100% virgin HDPE material, we could produce textured perforated geocells and smooth non-perforated geocells, the former is cheaper and more commonly used, it has better water permeability. Please tell us the […]
  • Our geosynthetic material application
    Our geosynthetic material application Our ranges of geosynthetics are all ensuring quality, and offer solutions for road and railway construction, retaining wall structures, hydraulic constructions, embankments, tunnel construction, pipeline construction, landfills and shoreline protection / marine structure construction markets, using a vast array of high performance geosynthetics that perform functions such as separation, filtration, soil reinforcement, erosion protection, sealing, stress […]