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PP Bi-axial Geogrid for Road (ground) Base Description

PP Bi-axial Geogrid is manufactured from Polypropylene. It is produced through the process of extruding, punching, heating, longitudinal stretching and transverse stretching.

PP Bi-axial Geogrid for Road (ground) Base Features

  • High tension resistance, high plane torsion resistance modulus, good creep resistance and stable Chemical nature.
  • High mechanic damage resistance and durability and large friction factor with sandy stone.
  • It can improve bearing force of foundation (normal improvement of above 40%) and increase diffusion angle(average increase to 50 degrees from 38 degrees)
  • Under the function of shaft times with same load, it can decrease 30%-40% of filling thickness for reaching same effect, when technical grid reinforcement is used, road bed with same thickness can bear more 3-5 times.

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PP Bi-axial Geogrid for Road (ground) Base Application

  • Reinforcement of road beds of various highways, railways and airports.
  • Reinforcement of permanent bearing road beds of large parking area and dock goods yard.
  • Slope protection and culvert reinforcement of railway and highway.
  • Secondary reinforcement of soil slope after uni-axial tension technical grid reinforcement and further reinforcement of soil slope so as to avoid soil erosion.
  • Reinforcement of mile and gallery.

PP Bi-axial Geogrid Technical Data

The project TGSG15-15 TGSG20-20 TGSG30-30 TGSG40-40 TGSG45-45 TGSG50-50
mass-area ratio, g/m 300±30 330±30 400±40 500±50 550±50 600±50
width, m            
Extends the rice longitudinal stretch to submit every time the strength (KN/m) ≥ 15 20 30 40 45 50
Extends the rice crosswise stretch to submit every time the strength (KN/m) ≥ 15 20 30 40 45 50
longitudinally to submit the elongation ratio, % ≤ 16
Crosswise submits the elongation ratio, % ≤ 13
2% Time longitudinal crosswise elongation ratio drawing force, KN/m 5 7 10.5 14 16 17.5
5% Time longitudinal crosswise elongation ratio drawing force, KN/m 7 14 21 28 32 35