Carbon Fiber Sheet

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Carbon Fiber Sheet

3k carbon fiber sheet has extremely high strength, light weight, with shiny and clear appearance, widely used for model helicopter parts and hobby market.


Technical Data

Product Type: carbon fibre sheet
Material: 100% carbon fiber
Process Type: hot pressing process
Sandwich materials: unidirectional carbon fiber cloth
Thickness: 0.2mm~40mm
Size: 200*300mm,400*500mm,450*500mm,500*600mm
Weave: Plain/twill
Surface Finish: High glossy / matte
Advange: High strength,Light weight,Corrosion resistance,
High pressure resistance ,high compressive strength etc.



1. carbon fiber sheet is widely used in all kinds of metal accessories, leather goods, pens, notebooks, jewelry, furniture and other surface decoration.
2. high-end sports equipment and surface decoration
3. cell phones, portable computers
4. aircraft models, car models