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EPDM Geomembrane

EPDM waterproof membrane is  made from ternary ethylene-propylene rubber, which is designed for waterproofing of exposed and non-exposed applications.
Haisan EPDM waterproof membrane production adopts the world-advanced equipment of cold feeding extrusion and continuous vulcanization technology.
EPDM waterproof membrane is of high elasticity among high polymer waterproof materials and becomes a world-popular waterproofing material.



Product Specification

Type EPDM  Waterproof Membrane
Material EPDM Rubber
Thickness 1.2mm 1.5mm 2.0mm
Size 1.2m(width) * 20m(length)/roll, weldable could be 4m wide
 Type Vulcanized & Weldable
 Pattern Non-reinforced(homogeneous)
Packing 24sqmsqm/roll, with plastic bag
Color Black
Application Roof, basement, pond, Lake, steel structure roof,
swimming pool, underground, tunnel, etc

Product Features

  1. Excellent physical and mechanical performance
  2.  High tearing resistance
  3.  Good deformation adaptability
  4.  High puncture resistance
  5.  High aging resistance
  6.  UV resistance

Product Application

  1. Roofs, Basement, Toilets
  2. Industrial and civil building waterproofing
  3. Geosynthetic liner for swimming pool, channels, irrigation system
  4. Especially suitable for projects with high requirements in durability, anti-corrosion and deformation



Production Process


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