Nonwoven Geotextile Bag

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Nonwoven Geotextile Bag

Product Description

The material of Geobags is a non woven geotextile fabric made of needled polypropylene fiber.
Thisgeobag can get rid of erosion of chemical composition in the soil.
The moisture resistant material of eco bags does not absorb water, so the water can not damage it.
This is not only an effective solution to exclude the water successfully for the internal hydrocephalus of the slope to protect the stability of the structure, but also a good protection of plant growth, conducive to the formation of the natural ecological slope. And it forms a water exchange, which helps to purify water and protect water ecosystem integrity.


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Product Application

Ecological restoration

1 Rivers: natural coastal zone in which humans and wildlife coexisted
2 Mine recovery: scientific remediation of settlement areas, greening of barren hills,
cleaning water and gas, ecological restoration of mines.
3 Maintaining of seacoast,lake shore, landslide control, culvert, drains, soil erosion, irrigation systems.
4 Wetlands: Ecological Restorations
5 Roof greening
1 Road slope: railway slope, highway slope, suitable for earth excavated slope and earthback filled slope.
2 Rivers slope: for rivers, lakes, and reservoirs’ slope.
3 Special applications: military facilities and flood control emergency, blindage, levees and so on.
Landscaping and residential
1 Vertical greening, landscape art;
2 Commercial and residential districts;
3 Afforestation of roof garden

Product Feature

Anti ultraviolet (UV)
acid and alkali resistant
No extend on split
Resistant tobio degradation and animal damage
Good temperature adaptability

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