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Geotextile Planting Grow Bags




The alternative to conventional plastic pots! 

Unlike traditional flower pots, our plant bags are made of breathable & water-permeable geotextile.The structure of the material makes ring roots & waterlogging impossible in the future. When the taproots are grown to the edge and come in contact with air they stop their growing automatically. Simultaneously, the lateral roots are strongly encouraged in their growth, which leads to the result of a very sturdy root system. By a large number of roots, the plants are able to absorb more water and nutrients and grow faster. — This method is also known as Air Pruning. Textile Plant bags are used by garden centers and nurseries for many years and are suitable for all kinds of plants.


Geotextile Planting Grow Bags

Product Feature

2.Weightless and flexible

3.Excellent drainage and aeration
4.Strong nylon handle
5.Balance plant temperatures – keeping plants cooler in summer and warmer in winter
6.Additional moisture and nutrients getting by penetrating into the ground.
7.Won’t crack from temperature extremes or break down when dropped
8.A truly innovative, inexpensive and practically foolproof way to grow potted plants


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Geotextile Planting Grow Bags