Uniaxial Geogrid
300GSM Bi-directional Basalt Fiber Fabric

Warp Knitting Polyester Geogrid Introduction

The warp knitted polyester geogrid selects the excel in synthetic fiber as a raw material, uses the warp knitted oriented structure, latitude and longitude in the fabric to the yarn between not curving condition, the intersection unifies mutually with the excel fiber filament bundle, forms the reliable combining site, displays its mechanical properties fully.

Warp Knitting Polyester Geogrid Features

  • High tensile strength in both the warp and weft directions;
  • Low elongation;
  • Excellent temperature range;
  • Good anti-age and alkali-resistance

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Application Range

  • Road surface reinforcement of road, railway and airport road;
  • Maintenance, reconstruction and widening of the old road surface;
  • Reinforcement of soil roadbed, irrigation channels and water dams.
  • Technical Data of Warp Knitting Polyester Geogrid

    Warp Knitting Polyester Geogrid – Standard Type

    Performance/Specification PET20-20 PET30-30 PET100-100 PET120-120 PET200-200 PET400-400 PET600-600
    Break elongation ratio% 13%
    Intensity (KN/M) Longitudinal 20 30 100 120 200 400 600
    Crosswise 20 30 100 120 200 400 600
    Grid (mm) 12.7x12.7             25.4x25.4
    Breadth (m) 1-6 1-6 1-6 1-6 1-6 1-6 1-6

    Warp Knitting Polyester Geogrid – Heterogeneous Type

    Performance/Specification PET50-30 PET60-35 PET80-30 PET80-50 PET100-85
    Break elongation ratio% 13%
    Intensity(KN/m) Longitudinal 50 60 80 80 100
    Crosswise 30 35 30 50 85
    Grid(mm) 12.7x12.7             25.4x25.4
    Breadth(m) 1-6 1-6 1-6 1-6 1-6