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PVC Geomembrane

PVC liner is a kind of high quality polymer waterproof sheet, join the processing aid such as plasticizer, anti-aging agent, stabilizer, uv absorber, etc to the PVC resin, to produce the PVC geomembrane by extrusion and calendaring.




Product Specification

No. Items I type II type
1 Tensile strength Mpa> 8.0 12.0
2 Elongation at break %> 200 250
3 Size change rate in heat treatment %< 3.0 2.0
4 Bending low-temperature ºC No crackle at -20ºC No crackle at -25ºC
5 Anti-puncture Not leaking
6 Impermeability Impermeable

Product Features

1. Anti-aging, long lifetime.
2. Resist to root penetration.
3. Excellent flexibility under low temperature, excellent adaptability to environmental temperature changes.
4. Easy construction, overlapping edge can be welded, high overlapped strength, no pollution

Product Application

1. Prevent leakage disposal in landfill or wastewater or waste dregs disposing field.
2. Riverbank, lake dam, mine remainings, reservoir, tunnel. Liquid storage pool(pit, mine).
3. Preventing leakage in subway, basement, tunnel, hole. Anti-salt leakage in the roadbed and other groundsills.
4. The plane direction laying ofdam, the vertical direction laying for groundsill, used in the construction fence and waste material field.
5. Used in seawater of freshwater feed field.
6. Used in groundsill of road, highway, railway and waterproof layer of swelling clay and wet collapsed loess.
7. Preventing leakage onrooftop.



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