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Ton Bag

Product Description

FIBC Jumbo PP Woven Bag Super Big Bag for cement or sand packing
Features of FIBC buffle ton bags:
1. Sizes & designs can be tailored according to individual needs.
2. Fabric can be coated, uncoated, and colored.
3. Various lifting options, filling options, and discharging options.
4. UV-treatment available.
5. Safety factors 5:1 (for single-trip use), 6:1 (UN-approved), and 8:1 (for multi-use trip uses).
6. All bags have a document pouch and handling label.

Specification of the FIBC bulk bag:


Item Specification
Description Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container
Construction 4-panel/U-panel/Circular/Tubular
Size 90*90*100cm or as required
Body Material 100% Virgin Polypropylene (PP)
Color White, beige or as required
Top spout, open, duffle top and others
Bottom spout, plain, full open bottom and others
Lifting Loops cross-corner, corner, tunnel lift and others
Safe Working Load (SWL) 500kg-2000kg
Safety Factor 5:1 or 6:1
Liner 50-120 micro PE liner available
Printing One or three color available
Document Pouch 1pc, size 26x35cm (A4)
Instruction Label 1pc
Customer Design available
Logo Print available
Origin China
Shipment by sea or by air with mutual agreement

Common sizes of FIBC bulk bags (cm):

90*90*100 90*90*120 90*90*140 90*90*150 90*90*180
95*95*95 95*95*120 95*95*140 95*95*180cm 99*99*200
100*100*100 100*100*120 110*110*140 105x105x135 105x105x240

Design options for various types of FIBC

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