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Uni-axial Geogrid for Road (Ground) Base Description

Unidirectional plastic technical grid is a kind of technical material with high strength that uses high molecular polymer as main raw material, adds certain ultraviolet proof and aging resistance agent and makes messy chain shape molecules have directional layout and from linear status by unidirectional extension. Plastic technical grid makes directional tension under certain temperature condition according to physical features of high molecule polymer, so its strength is very high in tension direction, tension resistance reaches 100-200Mpa, yield elongation rate is only 4-10%, it is near to the level of low carbon steel and much better than traditional or current reinforcement materials, and is very ideal synthetic material for strengthening and reinforcement of civil projects.

Uni-axial Geogrid for Road (ground) Base Feature

  • High unidirectional tension resistance, good creep resistance and stable chemical nature.
  • It has large friction factor with sandy stone.

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Uni-axial Geogrid for Road (ground) Base Application

  • It is mainly used in retaining wall, bridge abutment, steep slope project and so on.
  • Retaining wall and bridge abutment belong to force bearing structures and bear all external loads such as active soil pressure, support of structure upper part and temperature stress, under the function of large tension and repeated function of dynamic load, molecule structure of reinforcement material occurs fatigue, its performance occurs attenuation and aging of grid quickens. In order to avoid large deformation of structure caused by creep of reinforcement material, unidirectional technical grid with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as raw material shall be used.
  • Uni-axial Geogrid Technical data

    Project TGDG25 TGDG35 TGDG50 TGDG80 TGDG110 TGDG150 TGDG170 TGDG200
    Width, m            1.0                 2.0             2.5          3.0
    Extend the rice stretch to submit every time the strength, KN/m≥ 25 35 50 80 110 150 170 200
    The elongation ratio,%≤ 10
    2%Time elongation drawing force , KN/m≥ 7 10 12 20 32 48 64 85
    5%Time elongation drawing force , KN/m≥ 14 20 28 48 64 90 120 145