Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Fabric

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Carbon fiber fabrics are weaved by carbon fiber filaments. Generally, fabrics can be divided into uni-directional and bi-directional according to the weave type. Plain and twill weave are the regular bi-directional weave type. Beside, fabrics can be divided into many grades according to the brands and quality of the filaments.


  1. Reinforcement and repare of the construction and bridge.
  2. Radar cover, engine parts, radar lines
  3. Body of the armored vehicle, structure parts, torque rods
Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Fabrics
Type Reinforcement Yarn Tensile intensity(Mpa) Tensile Modulus(Gpa) Elongation(%) Weight
HS-CF200 T700S-12000 ≥3400 ≥240 ≥1.7 200 0.111 100-1000
HS-CF300 T700S-12000 ≥3400 ≥240 ≥1.7 300 0.167 100-1000
HS-CF200 T300-12000 ≥3000 ≥210 ≥1.5 200 0.111 100-1000
HS-CF300 T300-12000 ≥3000 ≥210 ≥1.5 300 0.167 100-1000
Strengthening process:
Treat with concrete surface–Pain surface primer–Fill in the holes on the surface–Apply the resin to surface–Apply carbin fiber fabrics to the surface—Apply the resin to fabrics–Finish the surface treatment